Next Generation Facilitators

Next Generation’s “Building Trust through Civil Discourse” Workshops are led by trained facilitators who are current or former state legislators.  They volunteer their time to help foster civility and bipartisan collaboration around the country. Next Generation trains additional legislators during a full-day session that is in conjunction with workshops.

Facilitator Requirements

Next Generation facilitators should be passionate about improving the civic culture in states nationwide and committed to working across the aisle. Communities are demanding public servants who can work together and be role models for future generations. Becoming a facilitator provides state legislators with a chance to improve culture in their own states and also nationwide.

  • Complete NICD’s complimentary full-day Facilitator Training
  • Commit to facilitating at least one workshop per year
  • Model and uphold civility as an ambassador of the Next Generation Program

The Benefits of Becoming a Next Generation Facilitator

  • Opportunities to lead state legislators in other states through the Next Generation workshop
  • Participation in a bipartisan network of state legislators from other states to seek support, share best practices, and collaborate
  • Traveling to other states to learn about their models of state government