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In their work with the “On Being” show and the Civil Conversations & Social Healing Project, Krista Tippett and Lucas Johnson engage religious and spiritual leaders as well as teachers, neuroscientists and other thought leaders to explore the wisdom that is needed in order to “master the art of living.” In this conversation they will be asked to share some of the main insights they have gleaned as a result of listening to and talking with many different people through the years. In particular, they will discuss how this wisdom can be put into action and why it is so important to the different types of healing that we need in our country.

This 90 minute conversation is sponsored by the National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD) and the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (NYAPC). Krista and Lucas will be interviewed by Keith Allred, the Executive Director of NICD, and Rev. Heather Shortlidge who is Transitional Head Pastor at NYAPC. They will engage Krista and Lucas in an informal discussion of a number of different topics and lead a conversation in which all four of them will participate. During the final portion of the program, the two interviewers will also raise some questions that have been submitted by those in the audience. The conversation will close with comments from Krista and Lucas about the main points they want to emphasize from the discussion.

Sponsored by NICD and New York Avenue Presbyterian Church

Organizer of Seeking Wisdom and Social Healing in a Time of Division

The McClendon Scholar Program of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church brings scholars and thought leaders to Washington to share their learning, wisdom and insight about how the church can be more effective in its work for social justice. Established through the generosity of the late Rev. Dr. Jack E. McClendon, the program grows out of Dr. McClendon’s insight that justice, service and action can only be sustained when a community works to deepen its faith and grapples with the profound issues of the day.

The Golden Rule 2020 program of the National Institute for Civil Discourse was created by a wide range of Christian leaders who believe that applying the ethical principal of the Golden Rule is the best way to bring dignity and respect to our political interactions. The Golden Rule offers a personal practice and a practical strategy for change. By applying the Golden Rule to our interactions, by treating someone with dignity and respect, it changes the conversation and opens the possibility of real communication that can change relationships.