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Hosted by the Harvard Ash Center

The last several years have seen the growing and successful use of citizen-initiated ballot initiatives to win major election reforms. Some of the most successful, well-funded, and engaging campaigns have had unlikely initiators: small groups of everyday Americans fed up with waiting for someone else to take on an issue and deciding to do it themselves. Organizers of successful citizen-driven campaigns from different parts of the country, which beat the odds and succeeded, will discuss their issues, their motivations, and how they won.

Panelists include:
  • Chris Melody Fields-Figueredo, Executive Director, Ballot Initiative Strategy
  • Center Katie Fahey, Executive Director, The People, Michigan
  • Desmond Meade, Executive Director, Florida Rights Restoration Coalition
  • Cara McCormick, Co-Founder, Committee for Ranked Choice Voting in Maine
  • Dina Butcher, Co-Founder, Badass Grandmas of North Dakota
  • Carolyn Lukensmeyer (Moderator), Board Member, National Institute of Civil Discourse

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School.

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